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For over 18 years, Screen Solutions has been a pioneer in Projection Screens. We were the first to produce Rigid Screens and Projection Films for Glass or Acrylic. Our Films are available in full rolls, standard sizes, or custom shapes for customers worldwide. Based in Rocklin, CA, we provide Sales, Service, & Fulfillment.

In today’s dynamic market, our projection film lineup is the world’s most comprehensive, covering all projection types. Our Standard Rear Projection Films and DualView Films come in 60″ rolls and can be tiled for larger displays. Customers can choose by size or shape, with extras like anti-glare films, kits, samples, and installation guides for a seamless experience.

Rear Projection Films



Definition Rear


Definition Pro Rear


Intrigue FIlm

Semi Clear

What is Rear Projection Film?

Rear projection films are ultra-thin projection surfaces intended for installation on glass and acrylic surfaces. SSI’s entire range of rear projection films is designed to be compatible with any projector and includes integrated application adhesive for easy installation.

The distinctive composition of our films enables them to efficiently capture the majority of the projected light, maximizing your projector’s brightness. This results in vivid, sharp HD images on your display surface, which are sure to immediately capture someone’s attention.

Dual View Projection Films

Dual View Accent


Dual View Definition


Dual View Intrigue

Semi Clea

Dual View Ultra Clear

Ultra Clear

Ultra Clear Anti-Glare Film

Price: $59

Anti-Glare Film Sample Pack

Price: $59

Dual View Ultra Clear Film

Price: $350

Dual View Intrigue Film

Price: $300

Dual View Definition Film

Price: $290

Dual View Sample Pack

Price: $290

Rear Projection Intrigue Film

Price: $109

Rear Projection Definition Pro Film

Price: $109

Why Dual View Projection Film?

Dual View Projection Film is a high-contrast and high-definition projection film that offers a unique feature: you can view the image from either side,whether it’s front or rear projection.This versatile film allows you to project high-contrast images in almost any lighting condition.Whether you’re creating captivating displays for museums, trade shows, or retail environments, Dual View Projection Film ensures exceptional visibility and impact. It’s the perfect solution for turning glass surfaces into dynamic projection screens

Anti Glare Projection Film



Semi Clear

Ultra Clear
Anti-Glare Film

Ultra Clear

What is Anti-Glare Film Use for?

Anti-glare film is a specialized material meticulously crafted to minimize glare and reflections on a variety of surfaces.It is directly applied to the exterior of glass,serving as an effective solution for scenarios where monitors or displays emit light from behind the glass.Commonly used in window displays,this film ensures optimal visibility by taming unwanted glare.

Anti-glare films
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